Random Thoughts #41


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. There are scenes where the character movement in Frozen 2 communicates such weight that I find myself awestruck.
  2. It’s been fun writing fiction again.
  3. This past Sunday the Eagles subjected me to the worst half of football I’ve ever seen.
  4. LOTR is getting a 4k remaster. This makes me happy.
  5. This Thursday I can watch Eagles vs. Giants, the second episode of Discovery’s third season, or the presidential debate. So, two train wrecks and a show I’m not completely sold on. But I kinda wanna see the frustration mount at a muted microphone.
  6. A good many pastors are looking at all the tech stuff they’re doing and saying, “Seminary didn’t prepare me for this” or “This isn’t what I signed up for.” On one hand, I empathize–the world steered into my wheelhouse and I’m still wrestling with the disruption, I have no idea how “normal” people are managing to function. On the other hand, I’m thinking the fact that seminaries spent decades training pastors to be middle managers–instead of communicators, thinkers, and community builders–has not served the best interests of Jesus’ people. And this crisis is laying that failure bare.
  7. “Into the West” is the greatest movie song of all time.
  8. This coming Sunday will mark our last week for outdoor worship. I’m going to miss singing, even with a mask it’s better than no singing. We’ve been outside 21 weeks, and the building was shut down for 11. This has all been necessary, but it’s been hard.
  9. I used to wonder what good the “Hold Person” spell did. I don’t wonder that any more.
  10. I spent over a decade communicating to churches and pastors that “I’m not a techie” wasn’t an acceptable statement in the Communications Age. I was met with ambivalence, and now folks are queuing up to pay big money for stuff I offered for next to nothing. I confess, this is a bit frustrating.