Random Thoughts #41


Wednesday is for random thoughts.

  1. Someone who slings the charge “dogmatic” at people often has a blind spot to their own dogmatism.
  2. I finished my Meditative Fiction study last night and someone wanted to know the next portion of Scripture we were going do as a group. These are things which make pastors do a happy dance.
  3. This past Monday I learned what the fox says.
  4. I’m a person before I’m a pastor. I’ve met a lot of pastors who reverse that statement.
  5. I’m very excited for The Mandalorian, season 2.
  6. Bump just woke up, and is making animal noises in his crib. I wish I had a camera in there just for times like these.
  7. I once had a congregant laugh at me and say, “You certainly march to your own drum!” This took me by surprise. I live in my head so much it hadn’t occured to me that the way I pastored as atypical.
  8. I play D&D on Monday nights with a group of people who also share odd social skills. So we’re weird, in different ways, together. The warlock is nuts, though.
  9. I’m INTJ, typical is boring.
  10. The party starts when the philosophy begins.