Random Thoughts #45

It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts!

  1. I just remembered I forgot to post for Fiction Tuesday yesterday. This week it will be Fiction Thursday!
  2. Right as we’re standing on the precipice of a second shutdown, Comcast decided it was time to institute a hard data cap. Comcast is evil, and also a monopoly where I live.
  3. I purchased an HDMI over Cat6 1 extender. It arrived yesterday afternoon and worked right out of the box. This made me happy.
  4. Ever have a day where you just want to bite the world’s head off, and dare it to complain?
  5. The low end M1 MacBook Air is more powerful than my Intel-Based MacBook Pro that’s only six month old.
  6. At present, my current stress level feels the same as the week before Christmas after I’ve been to endless holiday parties. This is not a good thing.
  7. Scrivener’s latest release fixed a nagging compile bug when I created ebooks. I noticed the output had changed on Sunday, and when I checked the source I realized it was because my workaround was no longer being triggered.
  8. Did you know ePubs and web pages are related technology?
  9. I guess the “good” thing about my current stress level is, we won’t be having parties this year.
  10. Bump likes to sing. This makes me happy.

  1. It’s a networking cable, for people who are scratching their heads.