Random Thoughts #47


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. Foundry VTT calls all it’s characters “actors.” So, for Howlmark, I created nine actors and wrote up descriptions and personalities. Then I’ll “cast” them in the Howlmark adventures as needed. Over and over and over. This sounds familiar somehow.
  2. The Trump Administration declined to purchase more doses of the Pfizer vaccine over the Summer–which puts the US at the back of the line for acquiring more. Great job.
  3. On Monday night I had to make a saving throw, or I would have become a wereturkey. I made the save.
  4. A morning when you sip your coffee and realize right off that you nailed it is a good morning.
  5. I am really enjoying learning OBS. It is complex, but so powerful and flexible.
  6. Last week I tried my hand at making my own encounter map to use with Foundry VTT. It’s not professional or anything, but it’s mine.
  7. Central Baptist Church never ceases to amaze me. I love these weirdos.
  8. Over the weekend I set up a battle to test out Foundry VTT. My elder son figured things out very quick.
  9. Bump has a small toy register. He has taken to bringing into our room and sitting with it on the bed while declaring, “I’m doing my homework.”
  10. The lead protagonist for the first-ever Howlmark Adventure is named Arneth Winnelwind. She’s a half-elf wizard who was raised by her Aunt. She loves her Aunt, but has been running away from the family business–choosing magic and adventuring over baking. I wonder what lessons she’ll learn?