Random Thoughts #49

It’s Wednesday, if you’re a reader of the blog you know what that means. Time for randomness!

  1. Quarantine-land mind fog is a real thing.
  2. Christmas Eve worship this year is going to be about 60% pre-recorded. It’s a lot more work than if it were all live, and without Central having the talented folks it has I honestly don’t know how we’d pull it off.
  3. I got D&D books for Christmas 1. This pleases me.
  4. Remember vacations? Weren’t those nice?
  5. Throughout the pandemic I have leveraged the use of a remarkable amount of technological flotsam and jetsam to ride the currents of our shifting needs. The lesson is never throw out a wire or an adapter. Never.
  6. Seeing pictures of my front line health care worker friends getting vaccines takes an immense weight off my shoulders.
  7. I do not like posers. People who project strength or conviction in order to hide insecurity lack integrity.
  8. Leadership rule of thumb. Praise is for others, criticism is for me. This isn’t about me “being in charge.” It’s about showing profound gratitude and respect for those who trusted me to journey with them as a shepherd.
  9. I echo many Star Wars fans when I say, “Let’s declare the Sequel Trilogy to have ‘Legends’ status.” The Mandalorian is a superior follow up in just about every way.
  10. Personal truth. I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, and run off instinct a great deal 2. I tell people this, a lot. I not sure if this is self-preservation, integrity, or both. Probably both. What I really am, is curious.
  11. As Christmas approaches, I hope everyone who reads this is able to experience moments of joy and rest.

  1. Will be getting? 
  2. Seriously, look at my vocational arc. I became a network admin before I’d ever explored how a network works, a pastor without every having had to look after a community, and a communications coordinator in charge of branding with zero formal training and only my meek hacked-together digital skills to leverage. At every turn I just said, “Well, I guess I can figure this out as I go along.”