Random Thoughts #52


It’s Wednesday, time for random thoughts.

  1. Random thoughts fifty-two. A whole year of random Wednesdays! And what an insane year it’s been.
  2. The GOP response to the United States Capital being overrun by an insurrection seems to be, “Well, if we do anything about it people will get angry. Let’s just move on.”
  3. Star Trek: Discovery found its footing this season. It is full-Trek, well done.
  4. In ten months I’ve gone from not playing D&D for decades to playing in a campaign, purchasing books, getting DM tools, making maps, creating a campaign setting, designing an adventure, purchasing a virtual table top and running two sessions. So, there’s a silver lining for you.
  5. Impeach 45. Hold his trial later, but strip him of every benefit he would normally have as an ex-president and bar him from running for office ever again.
  6. Wandavision drops this week. I collected the Vision & The Scarlet Witch limited series way back when so I’m kinda looking forward to this.
  7. After seeing it being waved on the Capital steps last Wednesday, the “Trump 2020” banner has gone from a nauseating sign of shared delusion to an emblem of insurrection.
  8. As clergy, I’m able to schedule an appointment to get the CoVid-19 vaccine. I’ve kinda been putting it off because there’s other people who need it more than I do, but I may make the call. It would be nice to feel a bit more free to so some pastoral work, even if all the mitigation is going to have to remain in place for a few months yet.
  9. Bump just put a sticker on my shirt and said, “That’s your sticker. You fell down and bumped your head, so you need a sticker. And a hug.”
  10. Double Nickle’s 2020 Dumpster Fire is a stout with smoked chocolate and cayenne pepper. It’s delicious. Great logo too.