Random Thoughts #53


It’s Wednesday, time for weekly randomness!

  1. At noon today a national disgrace will come to an end. It’s tragic, however, that the cult this disgrace created will continue.
  2. Start Trek Discovery’s third season was really good!
  3. I missed the remembrance ceremony that was held for CoVid-19 victims yesterday. I’ll have to catch it on YouTube.
  4. Since the election I’ve heard Trumpets claiming that election machines are rigged–often with the added claim that they were sending data to a server in Germany. Last night, deep in the comments of this Facebook thread, I encountered a Trumpet who is complaining that he couldn’t use a voting machine, because paper ballots need people to count them. The cult is a strong delusion.
  5. My Monday D&D Group decided to go off the rails of my on rails campaign. So last night I was preparing a potential scene for these murder hobos.
  6. To everyone who ran around saying, “Trump is not my President” four years ago. Don’t go around being triggered by the “Biden is not my president” signs the cult is putting up. Yes, these folks are more insidious than you. But you gave them the idea.
  7. If you have never watched The Expanse, I give it a strong recommendation. I am ashamed I’ve not read the books, but I will at some point.
  8. I’m re-reading The Shepherd’s Crown for the first time since it was released. I miss Terry Pratchett.
  9. People have a lot of bad experiences with churches, especially in ones that have driven off into the false religion of Christian Nationalism. Some of these experiences are akin to spiritual adolescence–complete with “you’ll never understand me!” I consider this part of growing up into maturity. But many, far too many, are the result of manipulative leadership and/or abusive systems. If I can help anyone heal from experiences like this, I will.
  10. Wandavision is freaky.

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  1. Jamison says:

    I’ve read at least the first book of The Expanse series (maybe the first two… I’d need to check). It has a very different pacing style than the TV show, and the way that it develops characters is very different. They’re both really good, but very unique in their own ways.

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