Random Thoughts #54


Wednesday is random thoughts time!

  1. Last week someone told me they were disappointed because my random thoughts didn’t include a single footnote.
  2. My characters have taken over the @pennygnomes twitter handle. Bug refers to me as “the idiot.” Is this normal?
  3. I need to get out with my camera and take photos. I’m getting jittery.
  4. I appreciate that my closest friends are all nerds.
  5. Last week a Raspberry Pi 400 showed up at my house, addressed to me. I have no clue who sent it. It’s already being used as central’s lyrics machine, and once I set it up to boot it from a hard drive I may run FoundryVTT off of it.
  6. Comcast is evil, their data caps are nonsense, and they are a monopoly in my area. Consumers, however, have no recourse because of the contracts our municipalities signed with this “lovely” company.
  7. Bureaucracy makes me anxious.
  8. A cup of coffee in a silent house is a beautiful thing.
  9. I enjoy creating digital presentations and layouts. I can’t use a hammer, but I’m pretty good at making an ebook.
  10. I did not write any scenes from The Darned Conspiracy last week, but am back to my regular schedule this week. Goals are not chains, isn’t that nice 1?

  1. And I bet you thought I wasn’t going to put in a footnote this week either. Didn’t you LaRosa?