Random Thoughts #55


It’s Wednesday, I think. Time for random thoughts!

  1. It snowed for two days. We didn’t get a ton of accumulation where I live, but it wouldn’t stop. It was fine, I made a snowman. Tomorrow maybe I’ll get out with my camera. Winter can be over now.
  2. Our society has embraced the notion that learning has to have an immediate practical benefit to be worth anything. This is a stupid notion.
  3. I learned how to make a wax seal image in Affinity Photo yesterday. It’s not perfect, but it was cool to do.
  4. The snow this week derailed an already derailed schedule. So that was fun.
  5. I am so ready for this pandemic to be over.
  6. Last week I felt like a train wreck, it’s amazing how when that happens a small bit of affirmation helps puts things back together.
  7. I love making maps. It’s so much fun!
  8. I get my second shot Thursday. I may cry.
  9. I remain amazed at how much I enjoy DM’ing.
  10. I may have to figure out a way to get Nobody to cameo in the Forsden campaign somewhere. He could be on a scouting trip for some new Applied Imagination technique 1.
  11. So, if the entire year has been March, is February 28 (March 365) New Year’s Eve?

  1. Or getting feedback on new chip flavors.