Random Thoughts 56

Wednesday is random thoughts time!

  1. Monday night the party role played for two hours before they had a combat encounter. It was so much fun!
  2. I turn forty-eight later this week. I began at Central when I was thirty.
  3. I’m considering doing a YouTube series to both share how I made my campaign setting and tell some DM’ing stories. It seems like something people might actually watch.
  4. I watched a bit of the opening arguments of the impeachment trial yesterday. The attorney who presented the opening statment for Donald Trump’s team is from my home county in PA. His presentation was a train wreck and I’m kinda embarrassed that he kept mentioning he was from Philly.
  5. I have a throwaway gag in Howlmark, the name of the local tavern is “The Pickled Cookie.” This is a reference to a Dwarvish delicacy that the proprietor thought sounded mysterious. He has a jar of said cookies, and anyone who eats one gets free lodging, though no on has ever taken up the offer. Our rogue said, “Well you know what’s happening.” There were cookie hijinks1.
  6. Yesterday was national pizza day so we had to participate in recognizing this amazing food.
  7. We went to the CVS drive-thru to pick up a prescription yesterday and, as we were waiting for the clerk bump pull his shade away from his window and said, “Hello? Is anybody there?” That was cute.
  8. Sometimes when players roll a nat-20 it’s really annoying. I mean, you have a scene set up and then suddenly they ad lib their way out of it. Dang it!
  9. We’ve had snow. Joy. Winter can be over now.
  10. One thing they never tell you in “how to DM” videos. Have plenty of water. My throat hurts from doing all those voices. The muppet was really fun, though.

  1. And, because of these hijinks, I am now chewing on game mechanics for the possible effects a pickled cookie has on any character who eats one.