Random Thoughts #57

Wednesday is for random thoughts! Today’s extra-long edition is a roll-table of Howlmark themed random items! Players had access to this after finishing the main battle in a dungeon crawl. If a Hallmark movie were set in a D&D world, these is the types of things I’d expect to find.

  1. A sparkling purple potion. If you drink it the next person you are attracted to will propose within two days.
  2. A mysterious gold ring set with a black stone which feels warm. When you put it on you discover you suddenly have the ability to make divine chocolate chip cookies.
  3. An amulet. When worn if you are ever stranded in the snow, a mysterious stranger will always appear and offer you a ride to the nearest town.
  4. A green tunic, when worn you have a 75% chance of encountering a prince or princess who is trying to learn a life lesson while in disguise as a commoner.
  5. An ornament for a life day tree which magically turns into a diorama of the holder’s favorite childhood memory when held.
  6. A letter from an unknown person’s long lost uncle, asking them to return home for the reading of a will.
  7. A leather bound tomb of some story called “A Christmas Carol.”
  8. A pair of brilliant white ice skates. When worn the person will have their dexterity reduced to 4, their charisma raised to 20, and have advantage on all relationship roles with a member of a chosen gender.
  9. A small green glass cup. When offered as a gift the recipient will bake the gift-giver’s favorite cookies at the first opportunity.
  10. An ugly sweater.
  11. A still warm oatmeal raisin cookie. If eaten a childhood trauma will become resolved as long as the taste remains in the consumer’s mouth.
  12. A copy of a novel, “In the Land of the Penny Gnomes.”
  13. A copy of a small circular disk on an unknown material,  with a small circular cut out in the center. Written on one side are the written words, “A Christmas Story” in high elvish.
  14. A child’s drawing of a Life Day tree. If shown to a stranger, there is a 50% chance it will inspire that person to do a random act of kindness.
  15. A brochure for a town with a listed population of 1200, but with a downtown business district that looks like a major city.
  16. A pair of red gloves. When put on the wearer is compelled to sing “Silent Night” at the top of their lungs. Everyone within 15 feet must make a wisdom saving throw or stop everything to join in.
  17. A ceramic mug, when held in a town there will always be a gourmet  coffee shop near by.
  18. A green and red scarf. Anyone who wears it will be compelled to look up an old childhood adversary to see how they made out in life.
  19. A single glass slipper. When picked up a kindly woman suddenly appears says, “Oh, I’ve been looking for that.” She snatches the slipper and then disappears.
  20. A stuffed animal just like the one the character cherished as a child.