Long Term

Next month will mark the eighteenth anniversary of my first Sunday at Central Baptist. Looking back over the years I’ve been here I can see how much has changed. I’m not the same person I was back in 2003, and neither is this church. In a lot of ways Central and I have grown together–pushing…

Random Thoughts #69

It’s Wednesday, which gives you the opportunity to raft though a bit of my mind. Welcome to the dangerous rapids that are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #68

On Wednesdays I invite you, the reader, to wonder how I manage to function. These are random thoughts.

Never Closed

I am incensed when I see people using my faith as a reason to ignore a public health emergency. It’s evil.

DM Tales, “Adventure’s Origin”

Why did I start DM’ing a campaign, and why in the world did I base the starting adventure on holiday movie tropes1? This week’s DM Tales reveals the origin for The Howlmark Holiday Adventures! There is a reason beyond me being rather strange. ↩