DM Tales, “Adventure’s Origin”


Why did I start DM’ing a campaign, and why in the world did I base the starting adventure on holiday movie tropes1? This week’s DM Tales reveals the origin for The Howlmark Holiday Adventures!

  1. There is a reason beyond me being rather strange. 


  1. HELLOOOOOOO! Here I’ve been thinking about starting my own little audio input on reading and writing, and lo! Here you be with your own audio on storytelling. LOVE IT! I’ve never done RPG, but my brothers have always been keen on it. 🙂 As for the holiday movies, did you know Hallmark is broadcasting Christmas movies all year long now? Or was it just April…I dunno, something like that. Is Bump playing the games, too? 🙂 Goodness, Bump must be near pre-school age by now–EEK! Anyway, just have to say that “Monday Murder Hobos” would be a BRILLIANT title for a story…or a band, depending on your preference. Hugs to you and yours, Most Excellent Friend. Keep the faith–and share it, too! xxxxxxxx

    1. wezlo says:

      A short story on the Murder Hobos….hmmmmm

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