DM Tales—Basic Fantasy RPG Video Review

This past week I posted a written review of Basic Fantasy RPG. I’ve also been working on a video review for my DM Tales YouTube channel, and that post is now live. If you’d like to see some of the layout, design, and artwork of this OSR game check it out below. To download the…

Basic Fantasy RPG—A DM Tales Review

When I jumped back into the D&D scene after a couple of decades away, things were… different. This wasn’t unexpected, I was three and a half editions removed from the last books I collected, but it also made me wonder about old school play—where some of the elements I remembered were still being used.

Random Thoughts #72

It’s Wednesday, which is yet another opportunity to open up my mind and give people a glimpse into the strange workings of my brain. This is random thoughts.

When Words Fail

Christianity is a religion of hope. But the thing about hope is, it can suck.

Random Thoughts #71

On Wednesdays I offer you, the reader, an unfortunate glimpse into my channel surfing mind. These are random thoughts.