Random Thoughts #72


It’s Wednesday, which is yet another opportunity to open up my mind and give people a glimpse into the strange workings of my brain. This is random thoughts.

  1. NJ is lifting its Mask mandate this Friday. It’s been a rough year and a few months. I’m grateful to be near the end, but the stress is going to keep going up for a couple of months.
  2. I really need to not be here, it is time to get away and wake up somewhere “not here” for a short while.
  3. I think I may have five players for my Basic Fantasy RPG test crawl. So that’ll be interesting.
  4. The upstairs bathroom is having some work done, over the years it’s been upgraded nicely.
  5. I’m feeling decision fatigue so much.
  6. I’m kinda excited for the stuff the Monday Murder Hobos may get up to. A venue change may be coming that I need to prep for.
  7. Why is it that people who cry out about “gatekeepers” seem to be the people most likely to tell others what they can or cannot do?
  8. Throughout the pandemic both the CDC’s guidance and state orders could be boiled down to this statement, “We want you to love your neighbors.” I am furious that so many Christians heard that and said, “No thanks, I’m doing what I want with what’s mine.” I don’t know if I’ll ever again be able to engage that brand of Christianity in a healthy way.
  9. I’m a year out from being on ABCNJ staff, and I can no take a realistic look at applying for a sabbatical 1. After eighteen years I need to make this happen.
  10. Allergies suck.

  1. Before it would have been a nightmare, the times I’d have taken it were during the Annual Session preparation flood.  ↩