Random Thoughts #79


It’s Wednesday. My wandering mind feels the need to subject you, the reader, to the randomness that masquerades as my thoughts.

  1. Went on vacation last week. There was a tropical storm and a power outage at the hotel. Still had a reasonable time, but that was new.
  2. Every time I take off I say, “I’m not going to step into the church building at all.” This lasts no more than 24 hours.
  3. The US vaccination numbers depress me. The GOP actively trying to undermine the vaccination process infuriates me.
  4. I got to make some cool encounter maps this week. That was fun.
  5. About five inches of rain in four hours made for quite a mess this week 1.
  6. I checked the gutters on my house today, and thought I saw a dead squirrel in one. It was not, in fact, dead. It was building a nest in the gutter.
  7. Role Playing nights are quite fun.
  8. My wife and I will end up watching season 3 of Virgin River in three days. The mead I brought back from Williamsburg helped for one of these nights. It’s a tiny town which seems to be near everything, but is also near nothing. Also, it’s wonderfully ridiculous.
  9. Mead is delicious.
  10. I am doing a slow add to my collection of RPG’s. This week I picked up the PDF Advanced set for Old School Essentials. It’s laid out well. From a design perspective, I’d say most of the presentation is beautiful 2. At the same time, I feel the game suffers from trying to be too compatible with B/X and AD&D. Still, I may try it at some point.

  1. And had me in the church basement with a shop vac. I mean, I live right there. 
  2. I don’t like how monsters are presented or how spells are organized, but other than that it’s amazing