Random Thoughts #83


Tuesdays are when I enjoy showing the world that my mind is more canyon river rapids than lazy river. This is random thoughts.

  1. RPG combat is fun when there’s a lot of tension. But role playing sessions are actually more enjoyable, over all.
  2. I’m about 80% done planning the worship map for the coming year, this makes me happy 1.
  3. I never felt like I got away during Sabbatical, now that I’m back I feel like I haven’t returned.
  4. The Phillies are in first place, in August. Wow.
  5. The church marketing machine has taken up the “people aren’t coming back to worship after the pandemic” theme as the latest way to sell products. Sigh.
  6. In my heart I’m a homebody. Familiar settings give me the peace I require to sink into the fantastic worlds that exist in my brain.
  7. The rogue in my D&D 5e game is, at present, “Dressed like Prince… only more.”
  8. Central Baptist is filled with weirdos, this is a good thing.
  9. I can tolerate a good many things. Willful stupidity is not one of them.
  10. I used to wonder if random encounter tables could produce actual, fun, gameplay instead of just throwing random roadblocks in the way of the characters. After my last two sessions with the Monday Murder Hobos I can say, “Oh yes, they can.”

  1. If I were being more accurate, I’d plan my maps starting in Advent. But my brain still functions in terms of “school years,” and Summer provides a nice block of time where I can map stuff out.