Random Thoughts #88

My brain is a strange place. Please allow me to share it with you through my random thoughts.

  1. If you have never had the therapeutic pleasure of breaking up a bag of pellet ice with an ice scream scoop, I recommend it.
  2. 88 is the number of unfulfilled promise.
  3. I cannot remember the last Eagles game where I wasn’t biting off my nails in the fourth quarter. Sunday was a good feeling.
  4. Over the years I’ve seen the language of prayer used both as a shield for abuse and as meaningless sentiment 1. But I’ve also seen it expressed as a concrete expression of love, which is what it’s supposed to be. It’s beautiful.
  5. I would love to go back in time and tell the church members to not make as huge and ornate a building. But, wow, Central’s shared space is amazing.
  6. Hugs from a three year old are fantastic.
  7. “That’s your personal choice” language, in reference to pandemic mitigation efforts, pisses me off.
  8. Marvel’s What If…? is weird. It feels very much like the comic and, like the comic, some are hit and some are miss. A good many stories are dark.
  9. It’s soon candy corn season. I feel sorry for deluded fools who don’t know how wonderful that is.
  10. Breathe, Wes. Breathe.

  1. AKA “Thoughts and prayers” in the wake of a tragedy so you don’t have to do anything.