Random Thoughts #90

Come for a magic carpet ride on the rapids and eddies of my mind. These are random thoughts.

  1. I’m up to 219 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. This pleases me.
  2. I’ve tried to be more deliberate taking my camera out and snapping some photos. I’m beginning to notice light again. That’s nice.
  3. The Senate GOP’s reason for not raising the debt limit can be summed up as, “We don’t wanna because you’re mean poo poo heads.”
  4. Twice last week friends told me, “It’s good to hear you laugh.” It’s been a rough few months, and I’d not realized just how much everything had weighed me down.
  5. I’m digging collecting TTRPG materials. It’s fun 1.
  6. People who talk about the “terrible twos” are liars who only wish to distract you from the reality that are the “tyrannical threes.”
  7. Allergy season sucks.
  8. We didn’t play our D&D session Monday night. That was a huge error in judgement on my part.
  9. In my years as a Christian I’ve felt a push from many folks to reject my curious and creative mind. I’ve been fortunate to have also met folks, and been part of a church, which embraces those things. A lot of creative-types who want to follow Jesus never experience the latter 2.
  10. Our society is consumed with becoming important, achieving success, and having an impact–all of these things stem from a competitive psyche and the language of violence. My heart longs to be rooted, enjoy friendships, and strive for true peace. Don’t get me wrong. Those other things are part of the air I breathe, they are unavoidable, but I resolved to reject them as a path long ago 3.

  1. Old School Essentials stuff is beautiful

  2. So I kinda feel called to be a refuge for folks in that boat. I’m all about the doctrine, but that leads me to embrace oddballs instead of trying to make them be “normal.” And to clarify, “norms” are fine. I’m not cool with people coming to church naked, for example. “Normal,” on the other hand, is boring. This is the size of two random thoughts, but I’m keeping it as a footnote. 

  3. Which is why I’ll never have a “career.”