Random Thoughts #95


It’s a day late, but I’ve got all my dollars 1. So grab a mug of coffee and sit back for a trip down the etherial paths on which my brain travels. These are random thoughts!

  1. On Tuesday I helped a new player roll up a character for my Basic Fantasy RPG table. That was fun.
  2. The Eagles beat the Lions. This isn’t all that remarkable, but I did expect them to lose.
  3. Last week I put out a second appeal to help Central Baptist pay for our new boiler. Folks responded beyond my expectations, and now the church won’t need to take out a loan to pay for the new system.
  4. I got to practice the tenor part in a choral arrangement last night. I think it’s been around twenty-two years since I’ve committed to a piece like this. It felt good.
  5. OK Palmyra parents. Kids five and up can get the Covid vaccine now. I’d very much appreciate it if your kids all got vaccinated.
  6. Much to my chagrin, the World Series did not end in a tie.
  7. I had known that my family had a decent support network. But I can say until recent months I had zero clue just how wide and deep it reached. It’s humbling.
  8. Aeon Timeline 3 is a must for any writer or world builder.
  9. I upgraded to MacOS Monterey last week and encountered a horrible bug. Any time I made an application full-screen I got booted out of my session and stuck back at the login screen. I found a workaround in about an hour of playing, but it took me a week to find time to sit down and troubleshoot the problem. What do normal people do in those situations 2?
  10. After singing last night, I came home and made a map. That was most fun 3

  1. Not really, but it sounded fun. 

  2. Someone on Facebook will, no doubt, comment, “#9, we call you!” Which reminds me that if I were about the money I’d be working in the tech field somehow. 

  3. Yes, I am a nerd.  



  1. Jamison says:

    And re: #9 you’d hate working in the tech field.

    1. wezlo says:

      Yup. But if I were about the money I’d probably put up with it. Yet, that’s not how I’m wired.

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