Random Thoughts #110

On Wednesdays my brain takes folks on a stroll down the winding paths on the ever shifting sand dunes from which my mind is comprised. These are random thoughts.

  1. I love Entenmann’s Crumb donuts. Not because they are great donuts, they aren’t. I love them because my Poppop used to get them for us to share, and every time I have one I think of him.
  2. My wife got me a 400 page tome on the visual history of D&D. It arrived Saturday afternoon, I finished it Monday. The thing is stunning 1.
  3. I don’t understand the psychological benefit trolls get from spreading misery. Or, rather, I do understand it’s allure. I just don’t understand why someone chooses it.
  4. The Wanders of Cinnethel were shorthanded last night, and hit an ambush with turned out to be rather awful for them. They lived…barely.
  5. One of the nice things about old school RPGs is that you can play for hours and role no dice. If someone says they do something, and it’s logical that they can do it, then it’s done. One of the nice things about modern RPGs like D&D 5e is that there are skills people have that trigger them to try things in specific skills sets. Both are good, and provoke fun, I think I like the older way a bit more.
  6. I got a good amount of birthday cash from family. I’ve blown most of it on books so far. I still have a lot left. I might pick up a piece of software or a mic, but there are more books out there.
  7. It would be really nice if both the weather and Covid would cooperate so I can see some folks in worship again.
  8. It’s nice to get messages from folks who join worship from home.
  9. Ever been asked a question by someone who had a genuine interest in your answer, and wasn’t just checking to see if you checked their boxes? Isn’t that wonderful?
  10. I read an interview with one of the early figures in D&D history. He pointed out that he felt he was a good leader because he gave credit but accepted responsibility. I felt affirmed.
  11. Cranberry grape juice, mixed with a touch of seltzer, is delicious 2.

  1. I think it also weigh around 10 pounds. So it was a good workout as well.
  2. I did a 2/3 juice 1/3 seltzer mix. Yummy.