Random Thoughts #111

I’m on vacation this week, but randomness always happens. These are random thoughts.

  1. On Monday I got to try my hand as being a camera operator for a sporting event. That was fun 1.
  2. Why is it when I’m on vacation I will have three times the amount of people thinking, “Hey, I need something, let me call Wes?”
  3. Today I took a shower, than made two city maps. That was fun.
  4. I’m reading Jack Vance’s Dying Earth stories. His magic system is what D&D’s is based off of.
  5. I got so many RPG books for my birthday, it’s quite nice. One arrived damaged, and the company is sending a new one to replace it.
  6. Worship was nice this past Sunday, but the heat was off and it was cold. Still nice to be with folks I love, though.
  7. Tyrants throw a fit when they are trying to hide something. So what is Putin trying to hide so bad that he wants to risk dragging the world into a war?
  8. Tucker Carlson is a copperhead.
  9. Had to cancel a session this week because of a stupid cold. I did manage to run my 5e table on Monday. It went well, so that was nice.
  10. I’m having lunch with two of the Bearfoot Marauders tomorrow, so that’s very nice.
  11. I need to figure out how to set my basement TV down on a table so I can run my maps in person. Because that’s gotta happen some time.

  1. Thank’s Mike!