Random Thoughts #120


OK, it’s the second week in a row I’ve missed Wednesday. But nothing stops the randomness for long. Welcome to the whirlpool of my mind, these are random thoughts.

  1. Does anyone else expect the Sixers to lose this series?
  2. It’s a fun thing when church members use things I post to offer up encounter ideas for my role playing tables.
  3. I do get annoyed when people are in a public space dropping f-bomb after f-bomb. Not so much “for the children” as I’m annoyed that people have zero linguistic imagination and just can’t be bothered to use other adjectives.
  4. Try as I might, I do not understand Charismatic Christianity.
  5. At some point I’m going to run a D&D campaign for church folks which wrestles with Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness. Why? Because I can’t take another “sit around and ask, ‘What does this mean to you?’” Bible study.
  6. I’m sure everyone is shocked Ben Simmons didn’t play at all this season.
  7. The best Trek show on TV right now is Lower Decks 1.
  8. Dark Roast coffee is liquid joy.
  9. A lot of conversations are pools of ignorance. This makes me depressed.
  10. We use often use the phrase “you find our who your friends are” as a negative statement which throws people under the bus for not being friends. To me, it’s better utilized as a celebration, “Oh look, I found out who my friends are!” We concentrate on the negative a lot more than is healthy.

  1. So glad I gave it time to figure out what it was doing.  ↩