Random Thoughts #121


It’s Saturday, and when my brain keeps hitting the snooze button all sorts of odd things leak out. These are random thoughts.

  1. On our discord this week the Monday Murder Hobos schemed how several druid spells could be use to shape a tree into humanoid shape, add a living space, and make it alive. So now I’m pondering what type of personality an ambulatory tree house would have, and what it’ll take to keep it friendly after the charm wears off. Oh, and it’ll talk.
  2. Remember when we got Bryce Harper and we thought baseball was going to be fun again? That was a nice two weeks.
  3. I feel guilty any time someone begins something with, “I know you’re busy.”
  4. Even on the new metrics, Burlington County is back up to “moderate risk.” The stress is real, and we’re all exhausted.
  5. Had a person show up on my YouTube channel show me who they were. When I offered a chance to take a different path they said, “No, this is who I am 1.” They’re hidden from the channel now.
  6. When I get a review copy in the mail I always worry the author will be offended by some of my critiques. This past week not only was the author not offended, they sent me their other game to review. That was a good day.
  7. I don’t have cable, which means I wasn’t forced to suffer through the Flyers’ season. Small mercies.
  8. At my check up this week, I was asked some questions which were designed to indicate what my depression level might be. After my first answer the nurse felt the need to clarify how it worked, “So, the question is how you’ve felt in the past few days.” And I responded, “Oh yah, I know. My answer is, ‘Most days.’” That was fun 2.
  9. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has me conflicted. On one hand, please no more prequels! On the other hand, ohmygoshitisfinallystartrek.
  10. I’m pondering starting a monthly in-person table come this Summer. Not sure what system I want to play, though. Eventually, I’m going to set up a monthly campaign which will be designed to interact with Jesus’ teaching and New Testament ethics. So that’ll be interesting. First I want to get used to running a game in-person.

  1. Metaphorically, that is. 

  2. For the record, I didn’t raise a lot of alarm bells with most of my answers. I’m sleeping ok, for example.