Random Thoughts #128

It’s Wednesday, the day when my brain waves are released into the series of tubes. These are random thoughts.

  1. I accidentally created a combat where the party had zero chance of retreat or victory this past Monday. If the party does a series of dumb things I have no problem with them dying, but this was all on me so I readjusted on the fly 1.
  2. The Texas GOP has made a call for a seditious referendum part of their official platform. You know, that always ends so well.
  3. People who think a “simple” solution is to just split the country between “red” and “blue” states give be a huge headache 2.
  4. I’m confused, the Phillies are…almost good?
  5. Jesus is not an American, pass it on.
  6. Watch the January 6 hearings. If you can’t watch them live watch the whole thing via YouTube. Do not just watch the highlight reels.
  7. People who are looking forward to a civil war so they can get their way are what evil looks like 3.
  8. While our entertainment is not the cause of our societal spiral into despair, I do think it would be a helpful thing for our mass media to offer some more narratives which give folks permission to hope. It doesn’t have to be all fuzzy and warm–that’s not hope, it’s sedation. It just needs to be a genuine reminder that hope is not useless. They can even still be real and gritty, just allow for tiny bit of light 4.
  9. The Texas GOP also put a demand in their platform that there be no “gun free zones” allowed in the State of Texas. This is so far off the cliff even the NRA is like, “Whoa, folks, that’s a talking point. We don’t actually want that 5.”
  10. Last week there was a bit of a dust up about Eagles Head Coach, Nick Sirianni, saying that he “didn’t have an ego.” Folks on the radio were aghast because they saw having an ego as being essential for being “successful.” To them, not having an ego was a sign of weakness. They were wrong, not insisting on controlling everything is not weakness. It is, rather, a sign of a strong character and self-understanding. I wish more folks in leadership and authority positions would check their ego the way Nick Sirianni did when he gave up play calling.
  11. The US Constitution is not “Divinely Inspired.” Why is this even a thing?

  1. The nasty creature’s trainer was really just there to send a message. So after he unleashed his “pets” he strolled away. And then even called them off to fight another day. Had the one creature not been restrained that would have been the end of it, but, the free one didn’t want to leave its buddy behind. 

  2. I mean, that’s Russia’s pipe dream. 

  3. They also seem to think it won’t stop their Amazon deliveries or interrupt their streaming services. The delusion is strong. 

  4. Strange New Worlds nails this, by the way. 

  5. Why do I say this? Because the NRA convention in Texas did not allow people to carry firearms. 



  1. mjg791 says:

    I only trust people who comment on real coaches if they’ve watched Ted Lasso.

    1. Wezlo says:

      I can actually confirm that at least some of the radio folks I mention HAVE watched Ted Lasso, which is an amazing show.

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