Random Thoughts #130


Well, it’s almost a week late, but I’m on vacation so time has even less meaning to me now than it has for the past two years. So there. These are random thoughts, you know the drill.

  1. No games for me this week or next. I just need to find some time to prep for the next sessions!
  2. Bump can grump with the best, but he also travels the best of all our kids.
  3. Williamsburg is understaffed by about 1400 people, which is why so many things aren’t opened all the time. I can’t even imagine what the shortfall was like last Summer.
  4. Yes, Bump is getting vaccinated. No, your conspiracy theories about “not really a vaccine” won’t sway me 1.
  5. The pandemic has made people socially stupid. Like, worse than normal. This week I’ve witnessed a guy who was lost walking down the middle of a busy street without a clue he was in danger. And folks can’t even see signage any more, much less be bothered to read it.
  6. This week I learned about overshoes, why a cooper is named what it is, and that “pamphlet” was a way to describe an itinerant preacher 2. These are the reasons I keep coming down.
  7. I had a wonderful discussion with one of the guides at Bruton Parish Church this week. It was nice to be in that space again.
  8. I only had two people ask, “Hey can you?” This week. That might be a record low 3.
  9. So the Phillies are…good? I’m confused.
  10. I’m way out of practice with my camera. I need to rectify that.
  11. It’ll be good to sleep in my own bed tonight.

  1. Really, I think the whole anti-vax thing is stupid from top to bottom, so please go away with it already. 

  2. Gowan Pamphlet, the first ordained Black Minister in the Colonies, chose this as his surname after he was freed from his enslavement. 

  3. Neither was from someone in the congregation.