Random Thoughts #141

On Wednesdays I pull the cork from my ear and let the jumble of my internal dialog wash over the inter-webs. These are random thoughts.

  1. Allergy season is great. Really. I love wanting to rip my eyeballs out and spending my days trying to not scream at people 1.
  2. I wasn’t expecting much from Andor. The first three episodes were riveting.
  3. I’m up to 872 subscribers on my YouTube channel! Yay!
  4. People are wondering why the fanbase hasn’t gotten behind the Phillies this season. 18-11. That’s why.
  5. Eagles. I am impressed, hope they keep it up 2.
  6. I’ve got a number of games I need to review for my channel, including the first one I ever backed on Kickstarter. This’ll be fun.
  7. I’ve seen some more people outside for worship the past few weeks. I’m not all about the numbers, but this has been really nice.
  8. Mark is a fun Gospel.
  9. Listening to people talk about public issues often hurts my brain.
  10. Fall starts tomorrow. This is my official notice that the true scent and flavor is, and always will be, apple.

  1. Yes, I’m on meds. Yes, they help. And, yes, I still feel this way. 
  2. Go Birds.