Random Thoughts #142

It’s Wednesday, allergies are in full-swing and my head aches. Seems like a perfect time to unleash the chaos that is my brain into an unsuspecting world. These are random thoughts.

  1. I have a sinking suspicion that the Phillies are going to blow it.
  2. I’ve never had my party encounter a mimic before last night. Now I’m pondering where I can put one next 1.
  3. We’re accepting donations for replacing the church roof.
  4. I’m rather amazed at the Eagles’ start to the season.
  5. The in-person party’s illusionist has learn to not magically hovering artifacts without pondering consequences. He almost died 2.
  6. Starting this week, worship is moving indoors. Now I need to make sure all my cameras are working correctly 3.
  7. I’m rather fed up with “Christians” running around being unethical and immoral, while claiming to uphold “traditional morality.” I’m a pastor and all I want these folks to do is shut up and stop making my job more difficult.
  8. There’s not safe level of fascism in politics.
  9. It’s fun to make the paladin fall flat on his face over and over.
  10. If Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are messing with us I may never forgive them.
  11. Last night the in-person party managed to get through an adventure without attacking the kobolds. This led to fast negotiations and fun role-playing moments. It also set up their next adventure hook, since they’re going to help escort the kobolds’ pet to another band further from humans 4.

  1. Bwahahaha 
  2. Having only 4 HP will do that to a character. 
  3. And I need to order a long cable power strip, that’s going in reminders. 
  4. It was getting away and eating of the local flocks of sheep.