Random Thoughts #145


It’s Wednesday, I’ve been up late the last three nights 1, and I’m not certain what planet I’m on. These are random thoughts.

  1. In mid-September I was convinced the Phillies would be on the golf course right now. Boy was I wrong.
  2. Sudden shifts in reality are a great way to make a dungeon crawl to take on a unique flavor 2.
  3. Any week the Eagles beat the Cowboys is a good week.
  4. I need to get an accounting of our fundraising, but I think we’re at about $12,000 toward our $30,000 goal to offset the new roof for Central. A large portion of that is from our sister church, and they aren’t stopping.
  5. I need to find time to record my next review, life has been weird.
  6. When a friend sees how stressed you are and then offers to preach a week so you can get a breather, that’s when you know you’ve got a really good friend.
  7. Still looking for Players for our One Shot Day Fundraiser on November 19!
  8. When my psyche is falling apart, creativity is my respite.
  9. Did a tech support call this week, and got “no no’d” when I was plugging something in. The nerve 3.
  10. In my time as a police chaplain there have been a few times when I’ve had to tell people a loved one had died. Two times I passed this information on to children. This sticks with you.

  1. Eagles vs. Dallas, D&D, Phillies NLCS Game 1. 
  2. And it’s even better when those shifts in reality lead to a cool creature. 
  3. You know who you are!