Random Thoughts #147


It’s the day after Halloween. November is here and I’m already “holidayed out 1.” These are random thoughts.

  1. Day 4 of the Great Philly Sports Marathon was postponed. Now I’ll need to set up two TVs Thursday night and keep switching which one is muted.
  2. The One Shot Fundraiser is in a little over two week! Come and play!
  3. DM Tales hit 1000 followers! I’m still a couple hundred viewing hours away from monetizing, though.
  4. It is fascinating to watch an Eagles’ offense which confuses the snot out of people week after week. Remember all those tight end screens we were complaining about? That was the formation that led to the Pascal Touchdown on Sunday.
  5. Sometimes pastoring is being a sound engineer, but at least we got decent results for the worship stream.
  6. Goals for DM Tales as I move into 2023–set up a web site for written reviews and a video catalog, do a live interview on the channel, set up a Patreon.
  7. Preaching was fun this past Sunday. I enjoy it when preaching is fun.
  8. Today is church advertising, email, and pastoral phone call day. Bump is home sick so we’ll see how much actually gets done.
  9. I was asleep at 9:30 last night. I do not feel bad about this.
  10. Citizen’s for Sanity is both not sane and a Putin propaganda outlet.

  1. When did the number of Halloween events begin to rival the number of Christmas events? It’s getting out of hand!