Random Thoughts #155


It’s Friday, my psyche is misfiring, and my brain is out wandering. These are random thoughts.

  1. The Eagles are in the Super Bowl!
  2. Wednesday began with me thinking the fund raiser I’m running this week was about to collapse. It ended with me having all three tables at near capacity. I feel better.
  3. I have a ton of TTRPG books I need to read and review. This is fun for me.
  4. I saw an interview with a 10 year old kid that was recorded on the day of the NFC Championship Game. The reporter asked, “Do you have anything to say to 49ers fans?” The kid looked at the camera and said, “You don’t belong here 1.”
  5. I got a membership packet from AARP this week. My ego really did not need that.
  6. Central Baptist is a small church, in no small part because its pastor can’t handle a huge number of relationships. So when this small church raises \(25,000 of the \)30,000 to cover half a roof replacement in about six months all I can do is sit back and marvel.
  7. Throughout my life a lot of folks have told me I’m an “out of the box” thinker. It’s about as nice a way of saying I’m weird that I can think of 2.
  8. Mental and emotional exhaustion is not enjoyable.
  9. If you ever see me zone out in a meeting, lecture, or other event know this. I’m in my head making worlds.
  10. The Eagles are in the Super Bowl, on my birthday!
  1. It’s a Philly thing.
  2. Seriously. I’m not “out of the box” due to some grand design. I’m just wired funny.