DM Tales, “Adventure’s Origin”

Why did I start DM’ing a campaign, and why in the world did I base the starting adventure on holiday movie tropes1? This week’s DM Tales reveals the origin for The Howlmark Holiday Adventures! There is a reason beyond me being rather strange. ↩

Random Thoughts #67

Wednesday offers you, the reader, a shallow dive into the odd shallows of the zoned out waters of what my family referred to as “Wes world” when I was a kid. This is random thoughts, and you have been warned.

Random Thoughts #66

I’m on vacation, so I’m taking a pause on things, but I couldn’t let a Wednesday go by without random thoughts.

DM Tales, “A State of Mind”

What’s a DM to do with a party which like to think, “Oh look, let’s do this thing that will throw plans in a crevasse?” Play along.