My Benediction

From the moment the CoVid-19 shutdown began I’ve been using what digital skills I have to keep people connected, and I created a benediction with which I could sign off.

A Bit Of An Upgrade

Over the last few years my “mobile” computer of choice has been my iPad Pro. It’s small, light, and does what I need it to do. It has, in fact, become so central to my workflow I opted to upgrade my 12.9 iPad Pro, and let my 2014 MacBook Pro age away. In the Fall…

Pale Rider–Reviewing the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Soon after it became clear CoVid-19 was going to become a pandemic I decided I would take the time to read up on the “Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. I’d had a bit of exposure to its history, as the church I was attending during college had served as a hospital during that era, but other than that I was in the dark. I needed to know more.