I’ve been the pastor Central Baptist Church for thirteen years. Over those years I’ve walked the streets near my home many times. The last few of those years I’ve made it a point to carry a camera on my walks so I could practice the art of photography.

So imagine my surprise when I discover something I’d never before seen.

The Presbyterian church several blocks from my home has a labyrinth on their property. It’s a wonderful inclusion to the grounds, and I’ve captured it in photographs several times. I suppose the labyrinth is an attention stealer, because in all the years I’ve walked by it’s brick paths I’ve never paid attention to the church building which overlooks the feature. Until this evening, that is.

A stone cross adorning a memorial gardenAs my friend and I strolled the sidewalks of Riverton I noticed a plaque hanging on the corner of the church building. Fascinated, I wound my way around some shrubbery to examine the sign more closely. As I approached, I discovered the landscaping had been designed to cordon off an area for meditation and prayer. A small stone bench sat in facing a beautiful cross, and a well maintained flower bed. The plaque on the wall designated the space a “memorial garden” and the names were people who had passed away.

It’s a lovely spot, and certainly worth visiting if you’re ever in the vicinity of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Riverton.


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