One Day

Because so many plans got screwed up this past Spring, I’m on vacation this month. To be honest, it feels a bit weird.


I love the Jersey Shore. I especially love the Ocean City Boardwalk. It’s peaceful and busy, lovely and gaudy, and it smells like no other place on earth.

Summer View

I may not like the beach itself, but the *sight* of it causes me to sigh with contentment.

Hit The Showers

One of the more interesting things about the Jersey Shore are the outdoor showers.

Surf’s up

Yesterday I was able to scratch out some time to do a quick edit of my action cam footage from LBI. I actually brought it over into Final Cut, just in case I wanted to apply the fisheye correction filter I’d purchased the other week. As has been my experience with other “high motion” footage…

Day Trip

Note: Fiction Tuesday will be pushed back to Thursday this week. Yesterday my family and I woke up early 1 and headed down to Long Beach Island for a day trip. I was very tired after an eventful week, and almost felt like bailing out, but I’m glad I didn’t. There’s something about the Jersey…