Day Trip


Note: Fiction Tuesday will be pushed back to Thursday this week.

Yesterday my family and I woke up early 1 and headed down to Long Beach Island for a day trip. I was very tired after an eventful week, and almost felt like bailing out, but I’m glad I didn’t. There’s something about the Jersey shore which makes it like no other place I’ve ever been. Long Beach Island doesn’t have a boardwalk like some other Jersey ocean resort towns, but there’s always something interesting within walking distance. The island also tends to be rather narrow, so the beach is never very far away. It’s a different type of experience, but still steeped in the Jersey Shore ethos.

I’d not been on LBI for almost eight years, so it was fascinating to see the results of the dune reclamation project which has been ongoing since Hurricane Sandy. Not only are the sand dunes huge, the beaches have become massive 2. My memories of LBI beaches were coming over a low dune, and carving out some small territory along a narrow strip of sand. LBI’s drop off point in the surf is more dramatic than any other place I’ve visited along Jersey’s coast, and that’s always kept the beaches small. The drop off in the water remains steep 3, but the real estate leading up to the surf is now more expansive. It made for a much more relaxing time.

It was cloudy when we arrived, so the beach was almost empty as we set up. Over the next several hours the clouds parted and the Sun emerged. We ended up with an absolutely perfect beach day. The wind was blowing off the waves in stead from the bay 4, and the temperature never got over 80 degrees 5. The water wasn’t too cold, and I even managed to take my action camera into the surf 6. Shortly after three we packed up and walked back to the house, where I got to experience the Jersey Shore tradition of an outdoor shower. It’s always a treat.

Before dinner I had some time to do a short photowalk. Which is when I was able to take the photograph posted below. I adore beach paths, they are gateways to a whole other life.

Beach Path

  1. Just try getting a teenage boy out of bed before 11 AM during the Summer. They become sloths. 
  2. For LBI, anyway. 
  3. This changes some things about being the surf. At most places on the Jersey Shore the best time to boogie board or body surf is during high tide. The gentle incline to the beach makes for some lengthy rides. At LBI It’s the opposite. At high tide the wave tend to crash almost directly on the beach. The only time to ride waves at the swimming beaches is during low tide. Also, LBI’s rip currents are notorious. You do not want to head into the water at an unguarded beach. 
  4. This means no green head flies, those things hurt when they bite. 
  5. Fahrenheit. This is the USA we don’t use measurements which make sense. 
  6. I managed to capture one good clip of me body surfing a wave. I’ll edit that and get it up for tomorrow’s post.