This week I’ll be heading to an overnight clergy retreat. What I’m most looking forward to is the silence.

A Day Away

I took a “mental health” day to get out with my camera and take some pictures.

The retreat is over, gotta breathe..

For the last couple of months my long-term focus was on developing the Student Chaplain retreat.  It’s quite a bit of work, preparing a retreat, but it’s rewarding to focus on a particular topic with a group for an extended period.  In fact, the chaplain retreat is a highlight of every January for me. This…

Wordle of Acts 10

  I’m currently writing a retreat for Eastern’s Student Chaplains.  This year’s focus will be on the centrality of testimony to the Christian life and journey.  The first session will spend some time in Acts 10, detailing Peter’s encounter with both God and Cornelius. On a whim I wondered what Acts 10 would look like…

Retreat Reflections

This is belated, but I got stranded in Hershey, PA the day after the retreat so I’m sharing now. This past weekend the Eastern University Student Chaplains held their third annual winter retreat at Central Baptist.  It’s a big weekend for me, as my wife and I were both chaplains while we were at Eastern…