A Day Away

I took a “mental health” day to get out with my camera and take some pictures. I had intended to head out to Valley Forge to walk a portion of the park before meeting a friend for lunch, but the all of Southeastern Pennsylvania seems to be under construction. What should have been a little over an hour trip took over two hours as all my normal routes through the city were detoured. As I was looking to walk away from added stress, I decided to scrap my Valley Forge plans 1. Instead, I opted to park in Wayne, PA and walk the streets I used to wander as a college student back in the 90’s. It has changed.

Christopher’s A Neighborhood Place
One of a number of upscale eateries in Wayne, PA

When I was at Eastern College 2 we were pleased to have a Taco Bell, Blockbuster, and Acme Supermarket within walking distance. Now all three are gone 3, and have been replaced with a Panera, Chipotle, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, and a Five Guys. It’s like a college eatery a couple of blocks from campus, and I’m rather jealous.

The old Acme Shopping Center in Wayne, PA.
This shopping center is a college eatery just off campus.

The main part of Downtown Wayne has also seen a significant transition. The town is has become a bit of a dining destination, and even the old Roy Rogers is now a French Bakery. Most of these restaurants are probably a bit beyond the budget for most college students, but a few seemed to be “college friendly.” I was a bit bummed to see the pizza shop which had the best cheesesteak Stromboli I’ve ever eaten had been converted into a French restaurant.

The former Real Pizza
This used to be Real Pizza. The pizza wasn’t good, but they had great steaks.

On my tour I headed down to the shopping center just off campus, and then looped back down to the Lancaster County Farmer’s Market about a mile away. I worked there at the Deli and Cheese Counter S. Clyde Weaver, and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had earning money. The people were great, and I got to learn a lot about cheese 4. It was nice to see how little the Market had changed. It’s been upgraded and fit to contemporary trends a bit, but the feel of the place was as it had always been. There was even a former co-worker still working at the counter and we got to chat for a bit. I need to get back there soon to do some shopping, I’ve never found a cheese selection as good as that market anywhere. I’m glad it’s still going strong.

The Wayne Farmer’s Market
I worked here throughout college, and one year after.

My day culminated when I met a friend of mine for lunch. We were joined by Eastern’s Chaplain, Joe Modica, and bumped into some other old friends as we dined. It was a good way to close out my day away.

  1. Perhaps I’ll head out on Saturday. 
  2. Now, “University,” but I never changed my degree. 
  3. Even their buildings have been demolished 
  4. And that was awesome. 


  1. GriffithsKL says:

    I’m from Allentown area. Can’t get a decent steak sandwich in Ohio!

    1. wezlo says:

      It’s the bread. I lived in MA for 6 years, and even when they managed to get the meat right (which was rare) they all got the roll wrong.

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