Pick and Choose

I’ve been pondering why I have no desire to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, which by all accounts is a good film, in the theatre.

Greatest Mug Ever

Continuing with my, “Are people trying to tell me something?” theme from yesterday, I present the greatest mug ever made.

Darth Santa

Below is a photo of yet another ornament from our Star Wars tree. I confess I’m a bit boggled by the number of Star Wars ornaments I own which feature Darth Vader dressed up in some form of Santa outfit. I love the irony, but it still feels odd 1. I suppose I should be…

Pondering The Last Jedi

It’s been a couple of weeks since The Last Jedi was released, so I feel comfortable sharing some of my thoughts on the film.

So, that happened…

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays which I typically hate. I was busy from the moment I finished my coffee until I laid my head on the pillow that night. But yesterday I didn’t care. Yesterday was fun.