So, that happened…


Yesterday was one of those Saturdays which I typically hate. I was busy from the moment I finished my coffee until I laid my head on the pillow that night. But yesterday I didn’t care. Yesterday was fun.

My neighbor 1 turned forty this weekend, and his wife planned a kick butt Surprise Star Wars-themed birthday party. My wife also dove into the planning and helped pull off the fun, which was hosted in our home 2. The decorations were amazing, and the Star Wars photo booth was a lot of fun, all we needed to complete the set up was to get the guest of honor out of town while the guests arrived. This is where I came in.

A few months back one of my lenses broke, and as I was searching for repair shops I discovered Allen’s Camera in Levittown, PA. The place looked cool, and got some great reviews, so I’ve been searching for a time to get over there. This shop, combined with some birthday cash 3, was a perfect lure to drag a fellow photography hobbyist out of the area. We headed over to the shop, chatted with the staff 4, and he ended up placing an order for a new vertical grip. We still had about an hour to kill so we then headed down to Bristol, PA for a photowalk. If you ever want to visit a unique locale for photographs in the Philly area, I can’t suggest a better spot.

Once I knew we were safe I let him know my wife had texted me to head home so we could figure out what we were doing for dinner before we had cake. We pulled in, opened the door, and he was surprised!

I’ve never been tasked with escorting the guest of honor to a surprise party before. It was a lot more stressful than I imagined! It was, however, worth it.

Star Wars Part group shot, whit assorted quote bubbles.
Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm lens & flash • 24mm • ISO 200 • ƒ/4.5 • 1/125 sec

  1. And fellow shutter hubby. 
  2. I lugged stuff around. 
  3. Including a “gift certificate” to the shop from yours truly. 
  4. I picked up an on-flash soft box for my flash, which I then used at the party.