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This week I saw a few posts about actress Kelly Marie Tran, who portrayed Rose in The Last Jedi, leaving Instagram in the wake of the attacks she’s been suffering from trolls on the service. I wanted to share some thoughts on this.

I wasn’t sure what to make of The Last Jedi when I exited the theater, though I was pretty sure it would grow on me with further viewings. Sadly, my ambiguity toward the film has grown into dislike for the film. I just don’t care for it as a movie.

I did like Rose as a character, though I thought they did her a disservice by introducing her as the “true believer” character who seems almost gullible 1. Despite the rough introduction, played up in a moment where Last Jedi decided it needed comedy, Star Wars needed a true believer character in the trendy grey universe that is the third trilogy. A role Rose fills well. I also like how they kept her true believer status even after she’s had her eyes open a bit more.

I didn’t like Rose’s side-mission story, as it felt like run-time padding. It made a dramatic social point, but didn’t support the actual story. What’s the problem with running out of fuel if you can jump to hyperspace to visit a casino any time you want?

And, even had I said I didn’t care for the character, none of this is a reason to attack the Actress who is playing the role! But misogynist racist trolls lack empathy. They hate how small and petty they are, so they hurt others to feel big. Because of this Kelly Marie Tran’s departure from Instagram has likely given them a case of perverted euphoria. I’m ill just thinking about it. Please, for mercy’s sake, don’t be like this.

We can disagree on creative decisions without the need to “destroy” those with whom we disagree.

We can dislike a movie without making cast members political straw-men.

We can expresses ourselves without being hateful.

At least, I hope we can. A society of trolls is one on the verge of collapse.

  1. Really? She didn’t know what Finn was up to? 

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  1. Excellent points. It’s not the actresses’ fault the character wasn’t used well. She can only do so much with a shoddy script.

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