Lonely Tree

Seeing as Monday is my day off, and I had a serious case of cabin fever after the family had two snow days the previous week, I decided to some fiction editing 1 “out and about.” This gave me an opportunity to take some detours on the way home as I sought to take my photos for the day.

I had hoped to take a short stroll through Willingboro Lakes Park, but the parking area hadn’t been plowed so there was no way for me to enter. Instead, I took some back roads on the way home, searching for a place to stop put my camera to use. I did spot a few sites I’d like to explore at a later date, but the roads are still a bit narrow due to snow build up and there were no places where I felt safe pulling over. Thwarted, I headed to my local photography stand-by, the Delaware River.

My meandering had led me upriver from my home town, which afforded an opportunity to capture an unfamiliar angle of this familiar boundary. In Delanco, just a few miles from my home town, the Delaware narrows and I was surprised to find the shipping channel frozen almost all the way across 2. I found a suitable place to park my car, and strolled out into the late morning cold.

I was a bit disappointed with the angles presented in my first few shots 3, but as I turned back to my mobile shelter I caught a lonely tree stretched over some low brick walls. I imagine this tree must be a lovely spot on Summer day, offering shelter from the Sun’s rays and affording a beautiful view of the river. In early January the tree was barren and, while the river was still beautiful to behold, the cold made it a spot in which one would not want to linger.

It’s my photo for today and, while it looked fine in color, I felt the mournful tone of the frame called for a black and white development.

A lonely tree overlooks a frozen Delaware.
Panasonic Lumix G7 with 14-42 mm lens • 34 mm • ISO 200 • ƒ/8.0 • 1/400 sec

  1. I revised two more chapters of Penny Gnomes yesterday morning, yay! 
  2. I would also love to be up in Delanco when a large shipping vessel passes, at any time of year. It would be an amazing site. 
  3. And I was not going to wander far from my vehicle! 


  1. I’ve always felt drawn to such sentinels of nature.

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