I like Michael Moore not at all.  I don’t appreciate his rhetoric, I don’t think it’s helpful.  The other day, with Gustav about to plow into the Gulf Coast on the day where the Republican National Convention opened, Michael Moore claimed it’s arrival was, “Proof that there is a God in Heaven.”  Frankly, that just ticks me off. That part is at the beginning of the video on that page – he doesn’t get much better.  I do wish he’d make his movies and then shut-up.  At least the movies are clever – when he talks in public I think he’s like the anti-Dobson or something, and I have the same “fingernails on a chalkboard” reaction.

Let us be honest about this, however.  For all his Faults Michael Moore is an expert at seeing irony in the public sphere – I just don’t think he communicates it very well (something which I think John Stewart and Stephen Colbert do very well).  When Michael Moore made his outrageous statement, it sprang from Evangelical Christians.

“How’s that?”  You might ask.  After all Evangelicals have never gleefully smirked when a hurricane was about to plow into the coast (which isn’t entirely true, Katrina had some real whackos out proclaiming God’s Judgement on New Orleans – and don’t forget 9/11 and good ole’Pat Robinson).  Focus on the Family did, however, create a nice You Tube video asking Christians to rain out Obama’s acceptance speech (shown below).

  • First, how freaking childish.  This is the public face of Christianity?  And People wonder why I don’t call myself an Evangelical anymore?
  • Second, by all accounts, it was one of the most beautiful nights of the summer when Obama gave his speech (I didn’t watch it – I’ll wait for the Republican convention to close and watch both speeches on-line, I can’t take the political commentary of American TV).
  • Third, and here’s the irony that Michael Moore woefully communicated, a week after those “humble prayer requests” went up to God – a hurricane is taking nearly everyone’s attention off of Focus on the Family’s favorite party.  This is where John Stewart would say, “Whoops.”

Gustav is going to be a mess of a clean-up.  Thankfully, it looks like the region is responding better than last time, and NOLA looks to make out OK, but pray for all the displaced families – reliving the trauma of Katrina is not going to be easy.


  1. jimgetz says:

    Are you freakin kidding me? What the hell is wrong with these people?

  2. wezlo says:

    I honestly don’t know – but that video was just over-the-top.

  3. mel says:

    “Dear God, please make lots of people miserable on my behalf because they don’t agree with me.”

    Who does that?!!

    [twitches violently in the corner for a few minutes and beats head against walls.]

  4. I’m praying that God will give me back the two and a half minute that i WASTED watching that sorry YouTube video.

    Would it be wrong if I prayed that the video equipment broke belonging to the individual that made that video? Not like blow up and cause massive collateral damage break, but like break so he can’t make any more videos – break.

  5. coffeezombie says:

    Sigh…admittedly, I think it’s a little more than “make these people miserable…because they don’t agree with me.” I think it’s more of, “These people are a threat to our freedom/safety/society/etc.! Please stop them!”

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