If Life Were a Role Playing Game

My mind goes off on odd tangents.  I can’t help it, it’s the way I’m wired.  It’s also my greatest assest when harnessed well so I don’t worry about it too much.  This morning I had a sudden thought, “You know, if my life were a role-playing game, what would my class be?”  This, of course, necessitated some further reflection.  Here’s my thoughts.

Class: Geek-Pastor

A geek-pastor is a dual class which draws many strengths from each class, and adds some weaknesses as well.  Because it is a dual class all positive modifiers for the character a halved.  Also, the geek’s natural anti-social nature takes away the pastor class’ +1 charisma modifier and inflicts a -1 wisdom modifier on the character (geeks don’t care who’s toes get stepped on).  Because geek-pastors are not able to devote time to developing their geek skills they are never able to develop a specialty.  Their desire to soak up a wide swath of knowledge, however, gives them a +2 on all technology related saving throws.  Because geek pastors navigate in different worlds effectively, they get a +1 to their dexterity attribute.  They also enjoy a +1 modifier on intelligence.

The nature of the dual class, however, grants these characters some unique special abilities:

Narrative Appreciation

The natural draw of geeks toward narrative meshes with the pastoral immersion into Scripture and gives the geek-pastor the ability to see resonances of the Biblical narrative in contemporary narrative.  This gives the geek-pastor a +2 on all sermon preparation saving throws, and a +1 on illustration genation saving throws.  If the character’s wisdom is below 10, however, these modifiers are negated (as the character doesn’t have the wisdom needed to communicate the echoes they see).


Pastoral impulses and geek desires combing to form this helpful ability.  As new situations unfold for the character, they are able to make use of avaiable communications medium to help harness the new situation in order to build community.  Likewise, if the character is introduced to a new technology they have a base 20% chance of coming up with a new ministry idea that makes use of that technology (or a similar one).  This percentage is increased 3% for each level the character rises the geek side of their dual class and 2% for each level the character advances as a pastor.

Below is my character as I see it – why don’t you use your blog to create your own character class and make out your own character?

Wezlo:  Geek-Pastor(4/6)

Wezlo is a reasonably accomplished geek-pastor who has some valuable skills, but sometimes gets in his own way. While his wisdom score is low, he is recognized to be “teachable” by those who try to help him grow.

  • Strength: 11 (can be modified with exercise)
  • Intelligence: 15 (reasonably intelligent and inquisitive)
  • Dexterity: 13 (displays some mental agility)
  • Wisdom:10 (doesn’t always “play well with others”)
  • Charisma:11 (some people think he’s worth listening to)

7 Thoughts

  1. nice! I think my RP card might look a bit like this:

    Michael: Rogue Orthodox (3/6)

    # Strength: 5 (sentenced to life behind a desk with no opportunity for parole)
    # Intelligence: 17 (2 points in book smarts with the remaining points in experience)
    # Dexterity: 5 (grumpier and more stubborn by the week, dexterity adversely affected by aforementioned intelligence)
    # Wisdom: 13 (while the filter between brain and mouth has degraded significantly with wear and tear, intelligence has offset the penalties incurred by lack of dexterity and increased filter degradation)
    # Charisma: 4 (could probably cast him for a role in Grumpiest Old Men when he approaches retirement)

  2. I guess mine would be

    Jamison: Tiber-Jumping Contemplative

    #Strength: 4 (yep… desk jockey)
    #Intelligence: 19 (Most of it’s crap knowledge, but it’s all up there)
    #Dexterity: 6 (Getting better with willingness to take more risks)
    #Wisdom: 8 (Used to think I was wise. Not so sure anymore)
    #Charisma: 10 (Can usually BS my way through most situations)

  3. You know gang, I need you to describe these classes for me. I mean is “Rogue Orthodox” a Ronin or what? And is “Tiber Jumping Contemplative” a dual class (Tiber Jumper/Contemplative) or is it a single sub-set of the contemplative class?

    We needs details!

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