Thought of the day

During my sermon prep I came up with a good illustration as to why Jesus wasn’t/isn’t a revolutionary (at least in the traditional sense). I said, “Jesus isn’t about replacing one version of human with a slightly better one,” where upon I displayed M$ Windows boxes from 3.1 through Vista and continued, “As though all he offers is an upgrade. Why? Because if you start with junk, it’s always going to be junk.” Then I used the Keynote animation that lit all the boxes on fire.

Taking this further, if people ask me, “Are you progressive or conservative?” I’m just going to reply, “Neither. To me both are just different versions of Windows.”

4 Thoughts

  1. That’s the best part, anyone who’s ever been annoyed at Windows got that one – I saw more than a few light bulbs going off… 🙂

  2. good illustration.

    also, it’s funny how people respond when you say “neither”…our culture loves its “labels”, and often doesn’t know what to do when someone won’t identify with the choices offered. nice job, “geek-pastor” 🙂

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