Lazy Journalism

Well apparently it’s not just a connecticut-based cable sports network that likes to perpetuate the old stories about Philly sports fans. had link to this extraordinary piece of lazy journalism on the part of the LA Times.  His potential breakdown of the series is also a great example of “homer” sports writing.

Thanks for the insults, T.J. Simer.  At least our fan-base doesn’t show for games in the third inning and leave in the sixth.  Also, we don’t think we intimidate opposing teams.  We know we intimidate opposing teams.  Or, after watching us rattle the best pitcher in the Game against the Brewers, are you just worried that we’ll chase another Dodgers pitcher off the mound?

Thanks to a great friend, I’ll be in the stands tonight with the other “thugs”  I’ll be sure to tell them what you think of us.  Maybe I’ll print our your wonderful little piece and pass it out in the stands – way to pour gasoline on the fire T.J.

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  1. Chris says:

    um…LA (and it’s “sportswriters”), why don’t you just concentrate on KEEPING your own teams in town…Didn’t you used to have like 2 football teams? They were called the Rams and the Raiders.

    OK…done being snarky 🙂

    Why some sportswriters feel the need to do stuff like this is beyond me. Say what you want about Philly, but our sportswriters never write that kind of crap about another city (they’re even pretty charitable towards Dallas!)

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