I often wonder why I bother checking my mailbox at Church.  Invariably it is stuffed with brochures from several “most important” things I could do this year for my Church, people asking for money to support ministries I’ve never heard of, product adverstisements, and newsletters from other congregations.  If I actually wanted to read all my mail, there are days were it would take the better part of an hour just to decypher what on earth half the people are saying (the folks who ask or money often can’t, actually, communicate).  Shortly after becomming a pastor I mused out loud if I was going to be damned because so many treess had been killed so I would have the opportunity to view the brochure on the lastest advancements in music-folder technology.  For some reason, the church Secretary in MA didn’t find that funny.

As must as my mail is tedius, however, there are times were I get a packet in the mail that’s just plain bad for my soul.  These packets come from folks who embody every reason why I no longer call myself an evangelical.  They are full of fear-mongering, hatred, innuendo, and the disasterous mis-conception that Jesus thinks that the only way his kingdom will come about on Earth is if we have a “strong America.”  I stopped opening the packets a long time ago, but when they come in I sigh heavily and wonder, “Jesus, how could we have screwed it up this badly?”  I got one of those packets today, it makes me depressed.

Anytime somoene tells you racism is dead, tell them to ask a pastor if they got proof it’s alive in the mail reacently.  Chances are, they have.