Great Case Study

I found this over at Think Christian.  What if starbucks presented itself the way a Church does?

8 thoughts on “Great Case Study

  1. That’s pretty funny. Of course all comparisons break down. There are certain expectations that people have when going to get coffee that they don’t have going to a church or vice-versa – it’s not exactly a one-to-one comparison.

    Still, there were several points that were well made.

  2. Great find Wezlo, I linked to your blog, as you’ve seen already.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your opinion on things for a while now, as a lurker on Christdot during it’s last days and whatnot.

    I would agree, there are points that it breaks down, but all in all, still some good things to be drawn from it.


  3. I find it more amusing on the starbucks side of things than the church side of things. (may steal it.)

    It seems odd to begin with as a question of is this the right way to market church? the market seems off anyway, I don’t know. As we’ve seen before I think I’m not so quick on picking up on message videos.

  4. That’s awesome. I especially love the 3rd bumper sticker (packman style logo).

    I have visited churches like that, though which is rather frightening.

    The one thing they could have done differently and still be right on is to have the greeter be overly enthusiastic. That can be just as awkward as one that doesn’t talk to you at all.

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