Maturing attitudes about religion and politics…


This morning, I came accross this article about putting this election into a Christian perspective.  It’s worth the read.

I’m beginning to become encouraged by signs of what I can only call a maturing of how Americans view religion and politics.  For the past eight years the only voices I heard were the culture-warriors who wanted to “retake America for God” and who wanted to make America’s public square free from religion.  If we learned anything last night, it’s the that culture-warriors are not the only options from which to choose our stance on religion and politics.  More and more I am finding theologically orthodox (note, this is not the same thing as “theologically conservative”) Christians who refuse to take part in the culture war, and yet who are actually politically, socially, and prophetically active.  We need more of these folks because they are evidence that the Culture War failed to accomplish anything and needs to be dropped.  We now have a politically left, and yet overtly Christian, president-elect.


  1. willohroots says:

    If the Pres. Elect is as Christian as he is left leaning is the question of the hour. I’ve read his book and heard the speeches, I know he is left wing. Wezlo are you old enough to remember the sermon line “If being Christian were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”? Time will tell Mr. President’s true nature, which I admit I do not know.
    I humbly disagree that the Culture War failed.
    The popular vote count was really close considering the economy and unpopularity of Bush.
    What needs to change is to fight the culture war with the Love of the Savior not the judgmental bravado of a TV preacher. Wezlo , honestly, am I a christian caveman because I do not want a Gay pride Parade in my town? I’m the guy that preaches love to homosexuals, but I have seen what “pride” devolves into.
    When Barack Obama said he would not want his daughter punished with a STD or a baby if she made a mistake he lost me. Do Christians think babies are punishments?
    Well , gotta love the guy, it’s in the rule book. So I will pray. But if he is as christian as he is left wing, we just elected Billy Graham.

  2. wezlo says:

    Well, look, the whole premise of the culture war is to make each side take on the identity of the victim and give the other side the identity of oppressor. You’re invoking the image of “caveman” is a great example of this – the culture war is telling you that the other side is calling you outmoded, outdated, and irrelevant in order to get you motivated and mobilized. It’s no different than some of the rallies I’ve seen about the passage of proposition 8 in California, where the Gay & Lesbian community needed a decent oppressor and have started attacking the mormons because they voted so heavily in favor of it.

    The fact that the majority of the county, in both electoral and popular vote, has decided against the culture war rhetoric (note the number of pro-life African-Americans who voted for Obama AND proposition 8 ) is a sign that our country is maturing and perhaps on the path to reforming the civil public square that has been buried since the 70’s.

    You are not a victim or a caveman. Your lord is ruler of heaven and earth and made that claim when his disciples lived in the most brutal empire the human race has spawned. Don’t let the culture-wars take your eyes off of that. Step away from the rhetoric of caveman and the hyperbolic statements like “we just elected Billy Graham,” the spring from resentment, fear, and anger – the very weapons the culture-war depends on. It’s a dead end.

    I stepped away from the culture-war mentality because entrenchment in it’s battles wrested away the very gift that the Church can offer to any culture at any time, and I wanted to receive it back – the prophetic voice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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