Storm Front

I love the look of the clouds as a new front of thunderstorms rolls in. The sky becomes split between bright and fluffy and the ominously powerful dark of the approaching storm. As the approaching front draws near, sunlight begins to refract in interesting ways. My favorite moment is when the light turns thick and golden, casting an other-worldy sheen on the objects below. Trees, especially, become transformed as the golden light creates a spectacular contrast with the dark clouds in the distance. This summer I will have to do my best to capture this other-worldly moment in some images, today, I have only the clouds.

In this image you can see the remnants of bright and fluffy trying to hold out against the approaching thunderclouds, just coming into frame. It’s a noble fight, but the image reveals how futile it is, the top half of the image show how bright and fluffy has already been invaded. The storm is coming.


Why do I love images like this? I guess that’s because the conflict between fluffy and bright and dark and powerful reflects my own inner turmoil. Only in my case the roles are reversed. I’m a brooder by nature, I love to dive inward and contemplate “dark and powerful” things. Not dark as in “evil” and powerful as in “selfish.” Rather, I love to contemplate deep issues, hard truths 1, and the frightening aspects of life. In this brooding I find the veil of distraction and confusion slip away and I begin to ponder paths forward through the maze. A “bright and fluffy” front, however, has to roll in for me to be jarred out of my natural state. For me to be whole the sunlight has to peak through, the golden light has to change my perspective. I need to be reminded simply thinking about the world isn’t enough. I’ve got to both live and love in it as well.

  1. Both about my own person and this world in which we live. 

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  1. I was thinking what you said. I can see the contrast that is so much of my walk. Thanks for capturing that image

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