Old Dock Reflection

I’ve displayed images of this old dock on my blog before, but this is the first time I’ve be able to play with some of the more advanced Lightroom tools 1. I appreciate the results!

An old dock on a beach in Cape Cod.

Summer vacation season is often, for me, a mournful time. The season is designed to thrive briefly and fade in a moment. No sooner is Independence Day come and gone that people begin thinking of the summer as “almost over” and the back to school ads begin to appear. It moves so fast and, to make the melancholy worse, I’m struck with the sound of the chain of school promotion moving my children further and further from childhood.

The briefness of the season is not the only thing about it which promotes mournful reflection in my soul. Summer is when worship attendance drops as people scatter to the four winds for trips, long weekends, and other interesting endeavors. Preaching in the Summer can seem lonely.

Summer is also when I’ve had friends, too many friends, move away and out of my immediate life. I’ve learned to hate the sight of moving trucks.

Sometimes, Summer feels like loss in calendar form – and this beautiful old rusty relic reminds of this feeling. And yet, at the same time, there is blue sky in the background. Gazing into it I can imagine the sound of the surf 2 and I feel something beyond the feelings and memory of loss.


  1. Tone curves are advanced for me, at any rate. 
  2. Even though that particular beach has no waves, New England is weird that way. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    My dear, rest is over now it is time to meet the challenges of Fall and the excitements of the coming seasons. Advent,Christmas, and Lent. Etc I am looking forwarding to the coming seasons.

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